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The Academy for Innovative and Sustainable LSF (light steel frame) Construction

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Kigali, Rwanda

Accredited Training in methods of sustainable construction

AISLC offers skills in innovation and sustainable light frame steel construction through a competence-based training model of TVET


Our training programme is fully accredited


Successful students receive certification


The AISLC training programme consists of several  different learning modules

Preparing students for the future

Hands-on and real world training

Students are trained and assessed in a work environment, in order to prepare graduates most adequately for future employment opportunities, to boost enthusiasm and grow people skills.

Students will learn about A Revolutionary Building Technology

ADHI-Rwanda’s patented building system creates strong and safe buildings.

Modular System

Our method of construction is based on a patented system of modular parts, which ensures timely completion of all projects.


While our construction materials are lighter than others, they are nonetheless very durable, are fire- and humidity-resistant and provide sound and thermal insulation.

Energy Efficient

Our construction materials' insulation characteristics keep heat and humidity out, maintaining a cool interior.


Our construction materials are recyclable and therefore have a low impact on the environment. ADHI-Rwanda also promotes responsible waste management at construction sites.

Our Academy

The AISLC was established in 2020.

ADHI Rwanda established the academy in 2020, in order to train students in innovative light steel frame construction technologies that are environmentally-friendly and sustainable. This was done in conjunction with the development of the Bwiza Riverside Estate of green-certified affordable homes, in order to provide a well-functioning construction site for learning and assessment.

General Questions

AISLC offers training to students which is NOCN-accredited. Students will therefore even be able to work internationally.

All students at AISLC will practice their skills by participating in construction projects run by ADHI-Rwanda. In this way, they will be “learning on the job”.¬†

While some successful students may go on to be employed at construction projects of ADHI-Rwanda, this can not always be guaranteed. However, AISLC will provide students with guidance and resources to the best of its ability, in order to assist students in finding gainful employment.

The applicant intake for the 2022 period has now been completed. Please contact us to find out about applying for the next intake period.


If you would like to apply to the Academy, or have any questions, please send us a message and we will respond with the necessary information.

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